February 1, 2010

Be Slow In Giving Up The Old

I often wonder how people can so easily reject that which is called old; old truths, old principles, old concepts even old slogans. Nothing is bad because it is old, and nothing is good because it is new.

Whatever has been so relevant as to outlast the ages deserves more than a hasty rejection. Look at the rubbish heaps of new ideas, painfully discarded and stacked higher and higher, before you remove the ancient landmarks. Think about it. Those markers don't stand without purpose.

Though we call ageless truths "OLD", actually they are younger than youth. That which defies time never age.


  1. Love those spools... I have quite the collection myself. I gave you an award. Stop by and see.

  2. Hi QUEEN!!!!
    Great post and such words of wisdom!!!!Sometimes Older is better, way better!!!!!

  3. love your old spools Queenie!
    rejection of the old is just a metaphor for the rejection of the self as one ages, it is a wee bit of a problem with our society eh?

  4. Such a poignant message! And I love the picture... I think of "old" spools quite often actually... wondering if I came across any if I would snag then, then what I might do with them. I love "old things" sometimes.... maybe not how they smell, but all of the sentiment they carry with them.

  5. And this applies to the elderly as well. I can't tell you how often I have watched an elderly person seem so grateful for a pittance of attention or a kindness. This post made me think of some older folks I know who could use a phone call from me. Thanks.

  6. You have a wonderful way with words...how true!

  7. Love philosophy! I am a "Re" person as well. Always seem to find a use, eventually, for all the items I save. I call it My Treasure Trove of Inspirations!

  8. Beautiful message, but I just love the photo! It brought back such memories. My grandmother used to string her empty spools to use as toys in the nursery at church. When she died, I inherited all her spools, and I just can't throw them away! The thread isn't very good anymore, but those wooden spools are just wonderful.

    She also had a box of Qtips with wooden sticks that I have kept. I will never use them. I'm going to save them forever!

  9. You are so right; your words are well spoken. I enjoy your blog and glad to see you sewing. I'll be checking back to see more!



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