June 23, 2012

Sunshine and dirt

No TV, no  stimulating toys… just two girls in the sunshine and dirt.

This is the mud pie kitchen I put together for my two little peanuts.  Needless to say they love it!

June 20, 2012

Tree Branch Curtain Rod

When we moved into our new house I had no idea what I was going to do for a window treatments on this HUGE window in our bedroom.  My hubby's solution was to tape the curtains to the window for the night in order to get a good nights sleep.   Well, needless to say  I grew tired of the "tape your curtains to window idea"  and went on the  hunt for something that would fit out budget of $0 dollars.  

Items needed:

1.  3 curtain rod bracket s ( found in junk drawer)
2.   Hemp Twine  (found in craft room)
3.  Gromets ( found in garage)
4.  Fabric ( used what was taped to window)
5.  The best part  TREE BRANCH  (found on burning pile in backyard)

$0 dollars for window treatment makeover


Kitchen Garden

A lot can change in a garden in just one week.  We had the first salad from the garden last night.  Well, just the lettuce, but still YUMMY. 

June 11, 2012

Kitchen Garden

ANTICIPATION......I can't hardly wait to eat the first bowl of salad out of my little kitchen garden.

June 10, 2012

Jesus changed my life

Stained Glass Hearts: Seeing Life from a Broken Perspective

Much like stained glass, life's broken pieces become the prism through which God's grace shines most brightly and beautifully.
"Life is no doubt full of difficulties, but it is also filled with promise and possibility," says best-selling author and WOF speaker Patsy Clairmont. In Stained Glass Hearts Clairmont guides readers to view the difficult experiences of life through the lens of God's grace. Using art as a theme, and likening people to stained glass windows, she shares that it's when we're surrounded by darkness that His healing light shines most brightly within us. Encouraging women to step back and see life from this new perspective, Patsy offers help and hope for the dark places of life.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this well written and interesting book and recommend it to anyone in the process of healing from some hurt, or wanting an uplifting read.

June 3, 2012

How to make a lined zippered pouch tutorial

This is what happens when it rains for two days straight.

I have seen these cute little zippered pouches around the internet and on etsy.  So I  decided to make a couple for birthday gifts.  

I found this tutorial over at Skip to my Lou.  They are sure easy and fun to make.   


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