February 6, 2010

Giving Myself Permission

My passion is sewing. Oh, how I love sewing!

Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes and projects get put on the back burner.

Case in point: I started creating some funky aprons last summer. I enjoyed the process, no pattern, no guidelines, no RULES. Simple create!

Today I am giving myself permission to -- CREATE

What are you ding today?


  1. If all the aprons are this adorable, then...please, give yourself permission more often! I love the colors, the pattern of the fabric, everything. I can't wait to see what else you create.

  2. HI QUEEN!!!!!
    Oh my goodness, I now can see a picture of you!!!!!!Has that pic always been there???? I love seeing who I am talking too!!!!!
    Love those aprons!!!! That is very chic and vintage looking!!!!!
    Have a fun creative day!!!!

  3. hI Queenie! loves the photo of you!!

  4. I love the idea of giving myself permission. I find it amazing how I hold myself back from things I love. Nobody in my household prevents me from doing things that make my heart sing. I deny myself. Arrrrgh.

    Thank you for this reminder. Today I give myself permission to take a break. It is a beautiful day and I am going to enjoy it my way.

    Your apron is yummy.

  5. Hey, we are so on the same page today! I've been feeling quite creative, too. I crocheted a Valentine garland for my mantle and love it. This is the first time I've tried something like this so I was glad it turned out well.

    Your apron is very cute! Love it!

  6. I love the feel of creative freedom! I'm finishing up some scrapbooks today and then it's on to some crochet for the swap! :D

  7. Hi there!

    I just visited your blog/website, Maggie told me you were my partner in the Alice In Wonderland swap event. Love your shop. The pin cushion is beautiful. So nice to see the project endearments you do!

    I just wanted to stop on by and see what the Queen of Re was all about!

    I'll send you my email soon!

    Look forward to blogging through the swap!




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