January 29, 2010

Project Impact

A group of women, men and children sewed, ironed, tied quilts, and prepared food for 3 full days for the Haitian children.

Each person brought their gifts and talents to the project. It was amazing to watch this group work together like a fine oiled machine. All were an important part in order for it to be such a success.

We made 70 diapers and 101 quilts
plus there were 8 completed quilts donated.


  1. Wow - I am so inspired by what you and your community have done! How lovely to know you are all out there - using creative energy to heal such wounded souls! Bravo!

  2. HI!!!!
    Oh Queen that is a terrific idea!!!
    How awesome to give back and give to those who need it so bad!!!! I wanted to adopt a Haitian child and hubby said we are to old!!!!
    Have a great week-end!!!

  3. All this quilt making inspired me to come home and make quilt style pillows! hehehehe

  4. that is so amazing! congratulations

  5. Way to go! So glad you were part of something so wonderful and giving. I can't imagine what those people are going through. I just hope that your gifts make it to them quickly!

  6. You have a really lovely blog. I have enjoyed visiting and signed up to "follow" so I won't miss a post!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  7. Totally awesome. I'm sure the recipients will be so grateful. And warm!



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