July 28, 2009

Simple Yet Beautiful

Simple yet beautiful.

Not perfect --- not expensive -- simple -- beautiful

Bring beauty into my life everyday.

It does not need to be lavish and/or perfect to be beautiful.

Share with me something beautiful in your life today. is it flowers? a strangers smile?
your children, husband, family, friends, the sunset ???
The Apronista

Calling all apron lovers! Whether you make them, wear them, collect them you will NOT want to miss this event! The Apronista is holding an APRON-FEST starting on Monday. Apron lovers from all over will be giving away an apron you can get in on the action!

July 27, 2009

Creative Play

Do something fun today.
There is joy in the simplest things.
Hanging out with my kids is the best.... creating these silly little creatures - bonus!

p.s. I will be posting pictures from our awesome trunk show. stay tuned.

July 21, 2009

Business Card Giveaway Winner

and the winner is. The House of Whimsy

Thank you to everyone who entered. Stay tuned because there will be another business card giveaway by Vintage Bella PLUS I will be hosting a giveaway for the talented Sharon at Haber Heartwork

July 18, 2009

Creative Day

Vintage Bella and I got together for a "creative day".

A day to create

A day to laugh

A day to dreamFruits of the day: a barkcloth-chenille-ruffle-yo-yo-flowery-fru-fru explosion apron.

Of course Vintage Bella ran away before I could get a picture of her creation. I have sent out a royal summons for her to reveal her creation of the day. Stay tuned!

July 14, 2009

My New Wheels

Who DOESN'T like to ride in style?!

The best part - $32.00.

It was the floor model and the local store wanted to move it out! Yeah for me.

A bike fit for a Queen!

July 13, 2009

Business Card Giveaway by Vintage Bella

Today starts the Vintage Bella Business Card Giveaway. July 13 - July 18

We at Vintage Bella can help you brand your company or small business with a beautiful, vintage-inspired theme. (or not!) Is there an era that catches your fancy? Victorian corsets? Edwardian hats? Art Deco flappers? Marie Antoinette?

So do you want to enter to win Vintage Bella's business cards?

Win it! This giveaway is for 250 matte business cards, professionally printed on one side in full color. You choose one design. Let us know what style you prefer. ($39.00 value)

HOW: Head over to Vintage Bella's store, pick a style you prefer, come back and post a comment of your favorite design style she has to offer.

For bonus entries:
*blog about this giveaway with a link to giveaway.
*Twitter this giveaway
*Follow this blog, subscribe to the feed

I will use random number generator to pick the winner on July 19.

July 8, 2009

Business Card Giveaway by Vintage Bella

Starting Monday July 13 and ending Saturday July 18 I will be hosting a Business Card Giveaway by Vintage Bella. Take a look at some of her most recent work. Simply divine!

Be sure to come back Monday July 13!!!

July 7, 2009

Vinage buttons

I wish I could remember where I found this image. I thought it was a cute idea. However, some how I lost the site address but still had the photo. So if you, my sweet and kind readers have seen this photo and know who I can link to. PLEASE tell me.

UPDATE: I bow to the queen, Queen Of Nostalgia, she found the site and link for me. Thank you

Country Living

photo credit: Steven Randazzo

July 6, 2009

Beach Cover Up

A sheer fru fru tutu pink polka dotted wrap around skirt/ beach cover. Simply divine.

You can find it for sale here

July 2, 2009

Design Gives Back: Decorate a scraf and help lost dogs

Design Gives Back projects help the world through creative action. People are abandoning dogs and cats at an alarming rate because of home foreclosure and job loss. Can you imagine having to give-up your precious little family member? --- Heartbreaking ---

A small way I could help was simply by decorating a Oliver Wendell "Play Strong" scarf.

While I was busy sewing
Coco (the jester doggie) was busy taking a nap. He knew he needed his beauty rest for his big photo shoot. The silly things my mommy has me do. I don't mind--I love her and would do anything for her

Is this my best sideor this side

does this one make me look fat?

I am getting very sleepy
I am sitting as still as can be expected out of a pomerainan who loves to frolic and chase butterflies. Done!!! Lets play!


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