March 3, 2010

Today I am

painting.while listening to The Archies. Love Sugar..sugar

My mom pointed out to me that I have not posted anything here since Feb 25. YIKES! She said, "people are going to forget about you" sorry, I 'll be back. It's just life has swept me away from my blog.

My darling hubby and I have been redoing the office/studio. We opened a can of worms that we can't put back in the can. One idea (project) leads to another which leads to another and yet another one....which leads to get the idea.

more later


  1. People aren't going to forget about you.
    This is one instance where mom is not right.

  2. I know all about those worms!! please keep them at your place ok?!! LOL~

  3. you are going to love your new studio space! nothing like some new paint to get all your creative/decorating ideas going. julie

  4. I love the Sugar Sugar song. Takes me waaaay back.

    The Blue Ridge Gal



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