February 25, 2010

Money money money

I wish I could remember where I found this picture. I ran across it somewhere in blog land and forgot to save the link. If it belongs to you please accepted my apologies and I will be happy to link to you.
It fits perfect with my post today.

The things money can't buy would make a long list however, here are some I have been think about.

1. Ability to think --- thoughts make us who we are
2. Peace of Mind ---- living life with no regrets
3. Clear conscience --- honesty is the price tag
4. Character --- what we are when we are alone with ourselves
5. No regrets - - - learn from all that you've done. By Shorty
6. Live in the moment that is all we have By LaDolce
7 Find something to love or appreciate By LaDolce
Your next, help me continue this list.


  1. awesome post Queenie! and great photo! not mine though!

  2. How about...
    No regrets - - - learn from all that you've done.

  3. great thoughts here. How about..
    A loving supportive family-priceless

  4. Hi Queenie!!!!!
    I loved that post!!!!
    you are so right, those items are priceless and some people would pay a fortune for, a few of those items, like a clear sharp mind, how often we take that for granted, like my hidden button collection, I hid it well so baby couldn't get into them, now I cannot find them!!!!!Have a great weekend
    hugs and love,

  5. Family. Love begins at home.


  6. Beautiful blog....beautiful post. If only we could all remember this sentiment (:

  7. Forgiveness. It's totally free just for the asking :)

  8. Having the guts to say NO when you mean no and yes only when you mean yes!
    setting and enforcing boundaries
    loving others as much as you love yourself (not less, but not more either!!!)



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