November 30, 2010

Real or Artifical Christmas Tree

Which do you prefer?


  1. I will confess... I have a 1940's fake one...

    BUT! I bring cedar branches in so I can smell the Christmas smell!!!!

    ;-D Love your photo!

  2. We have used an artificial tree for several years, but last year we began missing the smell of a traditional pine Christmas tree. This year we have walked through a tree lot just sniffing and wanting a real one. I think we're going to cave at some point this week and get a real one. It's going to smell so good!!!

  3. I totally prefer real for the experience - it's a family outing where we go tramps through a tree farm, find the perfect tree after an hour (usually the first one we saw), cut it down, carry it a mile to the other side of the farm and take it home. It smells delicious and it's fun - well, mostly! =)

    This year, we've been so busy, had no car and other, I picked up a fake tree on Black friday, when my SIL took me out shopping. It's in the box and now I want to consider going to town to buy a precut real one. My kids are so bummed about the fake, that I feel guilty!

  4. Real! But I like the feather trees, too.

  5. LOVE this shot of the little truck! I prefer a real tree...but I do not prefer sweeping up pine needles 'til March :) so it's usually artificial for us.



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