November 11, 2009

Vintage Fru Fru Shabby Chic Chirstmas Ornaments

It's a pastel Fru Fru Christmas!

I set this tree display up thinking I would sell each ornament separately. However, after looking at this display for while I thought, "the tree and ornaments are really quite stunning.

It is simply beautiful !

So, to that end I am offer the 18 vintage satin ribbon beaded ornaments along with a feather (feather like) white tree and a box of faux rose petals to complete the look.

Each ornament was handmade with care and has nice attention to detail. You can see all photo's at my flicker account:

The Queen Of Re Flicker Photo's

The tree is in nice shape and looks great! It is 48 (4 ft) inches tall.

The faux rose petals are new but again it completes the shabby chic, fru fru Christmas look.

I realize that not everyone needs this whole get-up So, if it does not sell as a whole within a week or two I will then offer each ornament separately.



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