October 5, 2009

I have been Challenged

Life comes at you hard and fast.

I get wrapped up so tight in life I forget to STOP!!!!

My challenge to myself is to make each and every moment of my life a moment to remember. Is it possible??? I sure hope so. Here is my list to keep me accountable. Some I already do, some I am working on and some I am so far from.

1. Be a person who virtually likes everything about life
2. Be comfortable doing just about anything and who waste no time complaining or wishing that things were otherwise.
3. Refuse to worry, and keep myself free from anxiety the accompanies worry
4. Live now, rather than in the past or the future
5. Seek out experiences that are new and unfamiliar to me.
6. Know how to laugh and how to create laughter
7. Accept myself without complaint
8. Enjoy being outdoors
9. Never feel threatened
10. Engage in work that will make other people's lives more pleasant
11. Be honest
12. Be creative
13. Love life
14. Be aggressively curious
15. Do not equate being successful in any business with being successful as a human being.
16. Accept others as they are

have a wonderful Monday.

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful I love your list. God bless you for living life to it's fullest, as we should all do this every day.




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