August 18, 2009

Name that Tune

does anyone out there still listen to their favorite music on the good ol' record player?

love the sound
love the mood it sets in my studio
love watching my kids dance to old tunes
love sharing times past with friends and family

Let's have fun!

Can you name that tune? If you guess it, I will send you a little something special in the mail.


  1. I only listen to music in the home on my old record box..It adds to that era.....Lovely post....On your sentimental journey....

  2. When we go to my mother-in-laws in the contry w listen to 40's-60's music...just LOVE it! For alll the reasons you listed. I will ALWAYS associate it with her ad those great times together!

    Thanks for your sweet comment at my place!

    love, kelee

  3. Every.Single.Day.
    I am a collector of 50's and 60's girl groups vinyl, and nothing,
    and I mean NOTHING gives me chills than listening to it on my record player.
    CDs are lame. hahahha.
    That song is super familiar, but I
    can't place it.

  4. We just purchased a record player this summer for $10 at a garage sale. It's huge and has been painted purple and silver but we have had the best time with it. My kids have loved looking for old records at thrift shops and yard sales and it's become our little project or scavenger hunt. We are on the look out for a Louis Prima record but haven't found that little treasure yet.

  5. beautiful music this was my mothers pick of songs and mine to. SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY.



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