August 31, 2009

Ready or not

I guess fall decided to arrive. I went out this morning to have my morning coffee on the porch and Fall hit me smack in the face. The crisp air, how the sun hung in the morning sky, the sweet smell of cool air. Everything....that makes fall was ever present.

I will remember my camera tomorrow so I can share my morning with you.

Have a wonderful Monday night...


  1. I know! I took the boys to the park this morning and we had to wear long pants and sweatshirts!

    Halloween is almost here... :)

  2. It was very cool here this morning also--rather uncharacteristic though of this time of year. I do love Fall, but I am NOT ready for summer to be over!

  3. Love the colours that come with autum

  4. It was so chilly here I had to wear socks to bed!

    Snappy Di

  5. And was actually cold here today. =)



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