August 15, 2009

Happy Saturday

I need to get busy and stop playing around. My sewing machine is calling meand I have lots of ideas swirling around my head.

What are you working on?


  1. Eeeekk!! Game pieces, muffin tins full of goodies... a woman after my own heart! I'm working on so many different projects... I can't decide what to finish first!

  2. HI!!!
    I still have a small bit to do on the baby quilt I'm sewing by hand!!!!
    Other then that, cleaning today!!!!

  3. Today I am working on some green taffeta bloomers with alternating rows of lace and taffeta ruffles for a pirate costume.

  4. Me too - My studio is all piled in the hallway right now, she is getting a redo! I am very excited about that. I have some pillows that I am working on and picked up an antique Queen Anne Parlor Chair - probably over 100 years old. It is in SAD shape - found it at the Salvation Army store. The seat is made of cotton, looks like real cotton, I mean the stuff right from the plant. And some sort of shavings. Fabric is ruined, gonna paint the chair and thinking of toile, maybe black, or vintage barkcloth - I will show and tell when she is done! Get busy girlie!!

  5. Look at all that cool stuff!

    If you don't get busy it will have to be mine..all mine!!!


    xo kelee

  6. Thank you and congrats!



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