June 27, 2009

Altered Dress Forms

Antique dress forms, vintage jewelry and hand crafted frills make up this mosaic of enchantment. Follow the links to these talented flickrettes.
1. Nice day for a white wedding, 2. Cluttered gorgeousness!, 3. My New French Mannequinn, 4. Couronne Charm, 5. paris to the moon, 6. bits and baubles, 7. inside "Theatre of Dreams", Wendy Addison's shop, 8. Dress form cabinet, 9. Paris Style Dress Form, 10. Cake plates with treasures, 11. Decorated Dress Form, 12. Theatre of Dreams, 13. Ribbons, 14. Theatre of Dreams, 15. Pink cabinet of pretties!!!, 16. paris to the moon


  1. How did you know I am obsessed with dress forms? I LOVE DRESS FORMS! This is a feast for the eyes! What a beautiful collage of pretties :)


  2. Hi Hope!! these are cool-will check em out!

    love, kelee



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