May 13, 2009

The original laptop

Let's do something!!!

Find an object that has been RE-invented or RE-Purposed for today's needs (wants).

After you have found an object post to your blog . Come back and sign Mr. Linky to share with the rest of us. And as always, I love to hear from you. Be sure to leave a comment. Don't be shy.


  1. Hi Hope!!!

    love your blog and concept!! just put a link on a repurposed project on Mr.Linky!!!

    love, kelee

  2. Hope--sorry--I shorted the first link so added the second one....:( fallible, kelee

  3. Hi! I followed you over to say hi from Healthy Moms!

    I am enjoying looking around your blog.

  4. That sounds like such a neat idea. I don't know if I would be able to find an object like that. I'd have to think about it.



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